Get to Know the Next Phase: How Cloud Computing Will Change?

Cloud computing is a computing method that manages different types of applications by using shared computing resources. For cloud computing, different types of computing services and solutions are essential. That is why, in upcoming years, significant growth will be seen in cloud computing services and solutions.

Developers will focus on different departments and functions of cloud computing and will increase the overall cloud technology. All the solutions will be easy and simple so that clients can customize and control all the apps without following any setup process.

Overall, in 2019, a noticeable change can be seen in clouding computing. Not only the number of services will be developed but more customers will adopt this cloud computing services. So, let’s discuss the cloud computing trends 2019 in this article.

Developments that will change Cloud Computing in 2019

In 2019, We will notice a multi-cloud approach that will improve ROI. The multi-cloud approach means organizations can generate multiple cloud apps as per their business requirement. This multi-cloud plan will develop the overall performance and autonomy of the enterprises. 

So, let’s find out how this change will happen and minimize friction for users.

Transformation From Automation to Artificial Intelligence

The more cloud deployments will be complex and increased in size, IT teams will also be more careful on the methods of running a cloud. So, there will be a wide transformation happen within the cloud from automation of monitoring, allocation to troubleshooting.

By adapting Artificial intelligence this automation process will reach the next level in 2019. All businesses should accommodate  this multi-cloud approach and involved with this automation process to apprehend multi-cloud infrastructures.

Leading Public Cloud Provides Will Distinguish

This year will be business as usual for cloud providers. The new cloud computing methods support today’s business infrastructure and are widely accepted by major cloud providers. All these new technologies have robust CPU and RAM consumption power.

Now, this is a challenge for all the leading public cloud providers to make themselves valuable and different from other providers to IT companies. These providers have to fulfill the companies strategy as per their requirement.

To make them different from each other, they focus on Al credentials and few make their workload migration ability zero. Because of this differentiation, this year, the pressure will be created for all public cloud providers.

Business Will Search To Handle Containers at Scale

Finally, businesses have given value to Containerization and it has become a challenge for managing a large-scale deployments, it is important to adopt containers as soon as possible. All vendors are trying to develop their products by increasing capabilities make life easier for their expertise.

Overall, in the upcoming year, we are going to see a struggle among the cloud providers to present the best computing technology to the enterprise industry. Serverless computing is one of those technologies that will play a major role to change cloud computing in 2019. 

Moreover, in the future, the developer will use open-source solutions to convert technology into ecosystem technology. Though this plan is yet to be fulfilled and needs several years to fulfill.

Find Challenges For Cloud Deployment

Though there are lots of changes will happen in deploying cloud but challenges and complexities are still there. The continuous invention of different cloud application is important for businesses to earn profit and benefit. Developers try to create and implement new software like open-source technology so that businessmen may face less challenges and  improve their productivity.

Are We Still on the Edge of Hype and Reality?

New computing technology, Edge computing, is going to be introduced in 2019. This upcoming technology helps to connect increased number devices to the cloud and develops the growth of 5G, overall this year will see a mature edge deployment.

With this new technology, businesses can apply data which is accumulated at the edge in near real-time. This technology has multi-gigabit-per-second speed where more data can be stored. Edge computing connects us to the world with its developed solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

This connection can be made between two clouds. Most of the customers want various cloud solutions and keep that in mind, vendors are also trying to find out several ways to execute this customer’s demand. One such way is API that helps in controlling data and linking systems and tools.

Cloud Storage and Application

Cloud storage is now available at a reasonable price. Supply and demand, these are the two basic key factors of cloud storage. As supply could not fulfill demand thought, the price of the cloud storage decreases, Even they are available in free of cost so that providers can store the user’s data.

In upcoming years, the user will prefer crowdsourced storage rather than old cloud storage as it is cheap and offers plenty of cloud advantages. Google and Amazon are examples of such crowdsourced solutions which are widely popular among  users across the world.

Developed Security Tools

To solve the cloud services issues Google has taken some initiatives in 2019. To make your data safe and secure google introduced a method that includes a verification process. This process will inform the customer by sending a code on their mobile so that customer will be sure that their account is safe.

Final Words

Compared to last year, cloud computing technology has improved a lot and it is expected that it will improve in the future as well. Hopefully, this article has given you a clear idea about the cloud platform strategy and its use in increasing the growth of cloud computing.