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Benefits of Cloud Computing in Financial Service Companies

In 2019, it’s not possible for you to not know about Cloud Computing services. This has gotten as mainstream as it can be. 

But what’s new is the fact that different industries, sometimes completely polar are starting to adopt this. And depending upon how they’re working with this technology, they’re getting positive results to various degrees. 

Now, when it comes to Cloud Computing in financial services, there are an absolute plethora of things to do. Also there’s the task of managing all of that, and the whole gamut with financial reports. 

But no worries as cloud technology is here for the rescue. 

Here, I’d be discussing all that you need to know about the impact of cloud technology on this giant industry. 

If you’re a professional here, then you wouldn’t want to miss this. As you might get some really valuable insights on this matter. 

Why this Shift to Cloud Computing Technology 

In order to understand this in the best way possible, we must understand what the finance industry exactly does. 

And there are entire volumes that cover this, but still fail to cover all. 

There are so many things in this, and along with that all the variables that go along with that. So putting things in specific terms can be rather daunting. 

But to cover just the basics of it, here are the important pointers in this matter. 

1. The BigData Advantage 

Finance is one of those industries that make the most use of data for the services they provide. And they also generate a huge amount of data on a day to day basis. 

Thus, it’s not going to take a genius to figure out that BigData is going to play an important role. 

And this is one of the main reasons why the finance sector is going to benefit from cloud technology. As its going to provide the perfect gateway to the processes that BigData require. 

2. Perfect Scalability 

On the same line as the previous reason that I just stated. Scalability of storage and operations is going to be important for this industry. 

Businesses here are going to need data storage systems which are going to be highly scalable. 

That way, it’s going to not only be possible for them to deal with such humongous amounts of data. But they’ll be able to do that very effectively to support decision making and such. 

3. High Mobility 

With businesses attempting to expand throughout the globe, adopting cloud tech is going to be essential. 

That’s because of the convenience of access that one can get from cloud storage technology. 

Majority of the finance industry is going to be in on this. So that they can take full advantage of data mobility that comes with cloud computing technology.

Thus, expanding their enterprises is going to be a lot simpler for them, at least in the functional aspect. 

Well, these 3 are the main things along with other reasons, which would be specific to the individual businesses. 

Applications of Cloud Computing Services in the Finance Industry 

Now that we’ve covered the exact benefits that enterprises in the finance sector will get from cloud technology. 

The other important thing that I must cover is how exactly is such a technology helping this industry. 

1. Dealing with all the Money 

Most of the money circulating through the finance industry is through the digital medium. And cloud technology is going to make that process the best it can be. 

First there are the calculations and credits involved with all the monetary values that is there. 

Then, the systems have to deal with the transactions to which there are no specific. Cloud technology with all the systems it has in place, will help with that. 

2. Securing Transactions 

Security protocols are one of the biggest concerns that businesses in the finance industry have. 

Adopting Cloud Computing services is going to play a big part in securing the transactions. The scale of the transaction isn’t going to matter much here. 

There are going to be security systems powered by cloud computing technology. And these are going to help address all the security concerns that are there. 

3. The Different Payment Gateways 

To make economic transactions as convenient as one can make them, we’ve got the payment gateways. This is definitely one of the best businesses that the finance industry has as of now. 

But the question is where does cloud technology exactly fit into the picture? 

Nothing complicated in this. 

Running transactions through these payment gateways involve a lot of data. The application of cloud computing is going to make this process a lot better and more secure as well. 

4. The Necessary CRM related to Finance 

Customer relationship management is one of the most important things that a business needs. 

And it’s the same for each and every enterprise that we’ve got here in the finance industry. Integrating cloud technology into these kinds of operations is going to simplify things a lot. 

As there are all kinds of requirements, including both to and from the customers. Great example for which would be insurance, which involves a lot of analysis. 

Thus you can see how important this technology is going to be for this industry. 


You can see that cloud computing as a technology, is so very powerful. It can make an impact on every industry that we can think of. 

And because of the fact that the finance industry is getting in on this more and more. You can definitely expect great innovations in this field. 

Thus it’s going to be a win for every side that is a part of this, directly or indirectly.