Cloud Computing

Why You Should Opt For Cloud Storage Over A Local Server?

Cloud computing is the reason for the introduction of cloud storage. Cloud computing is also called just “cloud”. It is a platform of shared computers connected to each other through the internet.  

Cloud storage has replaced the local servers the terms of storing data. Though local servers has served us effectively, many businesses, enterprises and people are shifting towards cloud storage. 

So if you don’t know about the benefits of the cloud storage over the local storage, this article will definitely help you with it.

Reasons to opt for Cloud Storage over Local Storage

1. Pocket Friendly

The cost is much higher for the maintenance of all the equipment required by a local server to operate. In addition there are costs of electricity and personnel. This makes the expenditure for the local server more than the cloud server.

The costs required to use a cloud storage is that of a subscription and an internet connection. 

2. The Ability to Expand the Storage Capacity

The storage capacity cannot be expanded for a local server. To expand its storage more equipment has to be purchased, which increases its cost.

In the cloud storage there is no problem in expanding the storage. You can expand the storage on the cloud server by paying a minimal cost.

3. Volume of Data

Generally a huge amount of data is stored in the cloud servers. Since the capacity of  local storage is small, it is best to store a huge amount of data on a computer network, rather than in one place.The local storage will slow down the devices if huge files are loaded into it. Cloud storage can effectively handle this problem.

4. Accessibility  

Data cannot always be transported in a hard drive or as a hard copy. In this kind of situations cloud storage helps us to gain access to the data. For instance, if you need any documents urgently and you don’t have it with yourself and you have these documents backed up, you would not even need an internet connection to access it.  

If these documents were in a local server, you will not be able to access it from anywhere or at anytime.

5. Size of The Files

In cloud storage there is no problem in accessing files of large size as long as you have a good internet connection, then you can access it from anywhere at any time. 

However if you store your file in a local storage you will have to send your file to a remote location via email. But in email there is a limited file size that you can send.

6. Security

The servers providing cloud storage also provide good security for your data. Cyber threats and malwares cannot cause any damage to the files in the cloud storage. Cloud computing has the best security measures in the computing world. 

The cloud storage provide better protection than local storage because the software of the cloud servers is updated regularly than the local servers. 

Hackers cannot get access to the cloud storage easily. First of all the hackers have to know the server chosen by a company whose data they want to hack. Secondly, the duration for which the defences are down on a cloud server is much less than that on the local server. 

The reason for the defence to be down for a long time in a local server than that on a cloud server is due to the fact that a local server gets the update much later than that of a cloud storage. Therefore, if you want good security options, then you should always opt for cloud storage.

7. Protection of Data

You will not be able to retrieve the data if it has been corrupted, or erased, or lost due to hacking or the server is destroyed in a natural disaster in case of a local server . These are the biggest problems of storing data in local servers. 

However in cloud storage there is no such security issues like that of the local servers, and thus ensures the protection of the data. In some cases the cloud servers can replicate your data and send it to another remote location for ensuring further protection. The data can then be backed up to other servers and can be retrieved in case of any hacking or an attack or any natural disaster destroying the servers.

This is also a major reason to use cloud storage to store your data. 

8.Teamwork Made Easy

In today’s corporate world, a project is looked after by a team rather than a single person. The project can undergo a lot of changes. The editing will become much easier if the files are stored in the cloud.

Uploading the files in the cloud saves us from the hectic process of sending a file back and forth multiple times. In addition, cloud storage also has an option of editing files ( like in Google Docs) and the edited version becomes available as soon as the changes are made. This helps the team members to always stay updated. 

The Ability to Synchronize

In local servers, synchronization is only possible when the devices are in the physical presence of the server. In case of cloud storage, the devices synced to the cloud can access the data; they just need to have an internet connection. 

This does allows you to edit any document without you yourself present at your workplace. In addition, You can also share files with your client or partner from the cloud. 

I hope that from the above article you have now realised the benefits of the cloud storage over the local storage. Therefore by using cloud storage, you don’t need to carry any documents, you can simply access it from the cloud and use it. 

Cloud computing has become the present and future of storing data.Using the paid services can really enhance your experience. The free services provides a very limited option, where as with paid option you can get some really great features.

Therefore without a doubt you can go for cloud server storage.