Google’s Grasshopper Application – Why It Is The Best Place To Learn JavaScript

Google developed the Grasshopper application to make coding more approachable for the beginners. The application will be highly beneficial to novices inclined towards building their own websites. The multi-functionality of this application includes weekly alerts and daily notifications. This learn-to-code mobile application targets beginners and kids who want to engage in coding education in the early years of their lives. Grasshopper is as a fun application which is available for free in the Google Play Store. The application works with the help of puzzles to make learning fun for the young learners.

Over the years, coding has evolved as an essential skill. Google developed the application to teach would-be coders to write Javascript with the help of short lessons on their Android or iPhone device.


A Brief Insight into The History of Grasshopper: Google’s New Application To Help Kids Learn Javascript

Google’s incubator works with the aim to develop Google’s next breakthrough product by focusing on multiple “side projects”. It helps the company to retain engineers who might resign to pursue their own dream projects for startups.  The team at Area 120 uniquely developed Grasshopper. The application derives its name from an early pioneer in programming, named Grace Hopper. The application is a result of years of toil and effort put in by the experts at Area 120.

Comprehensive Courses to Suit the Intellect of Kids

The first course of the application focuses on the fundamentals of coding and incorporates a diverse terminology. It comprises variables, functions, strings, arrays, conditionals, objects and operators. The second course teaches learners to draw shapes with the help of the 3D library. By the time a student reaches the third course, the level of complexity increases manifold. Notably, the increasing level of difficulty helps learners to create complex functions in 3D. The design of each of the courses is in the form of a series of quizzes and puzzles. The difficulty level of the courses increases as the learner passes from one level to another.

Challenging JavaScript Puzzles to Motivate Kids

Students need to solve each coding puzzle by writing Javascript code. Learners can solve exciting challenges with the help of a code that will be written in a custom built code editing environment. The application provides the students with specific guidelines each time run a code. The app provides feedback that helps the students to meet the requirements of the challenge at hand. Real-time feedback keeps the students motivated and acts like a supportive tutor to the minds of the learners.

Grasshopper Application

Coding is fun with Grasshopper

Furthermore, the application is available in English in both iOS and Android. It is an attempt to facilitate the learning of coding. The application functions to make people view coding as an equally important and viable career path. In reality, putting the application on a phone allows would-be-coders to learn Javascript on the go. In addition, it enables students to turn boring moments into an opportunity to learn and excel at coding. Coupled with an easy approach to solving complex coding challenges, the application gets coders proficient in the basics and core concepts. Grasshopper encourages coders to opt for next steps in coding education.