Coding for kids

Coding For Kids…Make Your Kids Smarter!

As technology dominates our today’s life, coding for kids is not only just important, but also a great idea to introduce our kids to the programming languages.

Let’s accept the fact that, we all want our kids to be a bit smarter than every other person in the world today. It is heartbreaking to see our children lagging behind, isn’t it? 

It will be helpful for them to choose a good career from it as well. So why not let your kids know about it and light up their own future?

coding for kids

In order to become an expert, we need to start from the basic. First of all, let us understand what coding exactly is? Why there is so much craze going on for learning coding?

So here let me clear it for you. Coding makes it possible for us to create computer software, websites, apps and etc.

Have you ever wondered how right after clicking on the button, the application automatically leads you to the exact page where you wanted to be? Yes, that is possible because of coding. It gives life to your system.

Why Is Coding For Kids So Important?

As our world is developing day by day, kids are already accustomed to apps, software, mobile phones, iPad and other technologies. From social media to robot-assisted surgery, the world is coming out with different ideas every day.

Let’s find out why is it so needed to teach our kids coding:

  • It helps their mind to work even better every day
  • Having a technical knowledge always help anyway
  • Coding creates such projects that can do amazing pieces of stuff
  • They can express their views via different projects that they make

How Does Coding Work?

Coding is basically a way of instructing the computer what to do. The computer doesn’t understand our language. Coding is a mode of communication between PCs and the users.

Basically, coding is a combination of transistors that turn off and on as per our instruction.

There are different programming languages for different purposes. Some languages are useful for software development, some are for solving numeric or scientific problems.

Speaking of coding for kids, you can check out the following options:

Code Combat…

Code Combat is a very interesting online game that teaches Python and Javascript coding with the help of text-based programming. Here, your kids will learn to code via playing different levels of the role-playing game.

code combat


Children love to play puzzles and if they are learning Javascript programming along with solving them, it is even more wonderful for them to enhance their brain. Blockly does that through a block-based programming approach.



Here your kids get an opportunity to build their own online games and apps. Tynker also teaches them to learn how to make Minecraft mods. Children will definitely love this programming course designed with space aliens and rocket ships.


Code Wars…

Code wars give online coding challenges to the trained coders to complete them and learn CoffeeScript, Javascript, Ruby, Java etc. Based on choosing the language and proving your skills, it ranks you and gives you the challenge. The more you solve, the higher you go on the rank.


So there are different websites available that help your child to understand the programming better. You just need to choose one and depending on your child’s age and interest.

It will be of great fun to see your kids making the complicated things easier. So let’s not miss the chance and put the coding for kids into action.

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