List Of The Most Popular Programming Languages of 2018 – Its Uses and Advantages

A  coding or programming language is a set of commands which produce a lot of processing input for the computer for computing or to perform a specific action. Some of the widely used programming languages are COBOL, Cobol, Java, c+ +, etc. To a newcomer in the field of programming language one always think about his or her career growth and job type before opting to learn a language. Everyone try to learn those computer languages that are more advanced and have many benefits in the future. So get ready to Learn To Code: Most Popular Programming Languages In 2018.

There are a lot of computer languages that are available and are getting develop across the world. But which one is really best to learn? So which languages are dominating in the market these days. This result has been made from the report from TIOBE Programming Community Index. The languages that are very good and gain popularity across the world get rank in this TIOBE Community.

These languages get rank by calculation and analysis from the search engines like Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc. The development professional, training courses, and small-scale vendors are also responsible for this ranking of the programming languages. There are many programming Languages that are getting develop every day in the world. Still, some of the languages dominate the programming industry due to their user- friendly nature.

Most Popular Programming Languages of 2018

Leading Computer Programming languages in the world

The High Index Computer programming languages of 2018 according to ranking in the TIOBE are as follows :

  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • C#


  1. Java: The TopperJava

As usual, Java is still the topper and the most popular programming languages. It has ranked first in TIOBE’s community. This has now been the top language in the market. Quite a large number software development companies are using Java. This is a very good programming to learn to have a good career in this field. The most appropriate reasons for the popularity of Jave was because it is used by a large number of users across the globe. It is also a very user-friendly language.


  1. C: The Second Best

This is one of the earliest programming languages.  It has a lot of features as well. Some leading companies like  Microsoft, Apple, etc have already worked with this programming language. It is very compatible while developing new software programs. This language gets its popularity due to its small runtime. This is a very good language to learn for newcomers. C is also a universal language in programming from which a lot of other languages has got develop.



3. C++: A very User-friendly language

The C++ is an object-oriented coding language and got develop in the late 1900s. It is very good for web-based application platforms. Everyone recognizes this programming for its performance and for any platforms where you can use it.  The career in the C++ language is very bright. Learning this language you will understand a lot about programming languages.


  1. Python: Growing daily

It is very famous as well and is also rank in the top 5 programming language. It is a more promising language which gave rise to many technologies. This has helped the developers to develop the machine learning, AI, robotics and in many more field.


  1. C#: Gamers Boost power

This is the gamers language. This is developed to design and maintain applications mainly for the Microsoft platforms.


Importance of Programming Language

In today’s world where new technologies are growing day by day. Everyone is learning and adopting this machine language to understand how the machine works computing these languages. This industry is growing globally and has a very blazing future ahead. This is the reason now most of the youth generations are interested in learning these Popular Programming Languages.


I hope this page was helpful enough for those of you are going to learn or opting to learn new computer code language in the coming years. Hopefully, you got some idea about the most popular Programming Languages of 2018.