New Gorilla Glass for Better Protection of Smartphones

New Gorilla Glass

The new Gorilla glass from Corning takes a new shape. It is now produced in silver black color. Since the launch of the first iPhone, Corning is at work all the time in order to make good protection for the smartphone displays. The new glass is called the Victus. It is the successor of the 6th lining glass of Corning. 

According to recent reports, the glass will soon be introduced in the smartphones of various brands. The analysis says that all the reports are positive. In addition to that, all the tests performed by experts regarding the protection are also successful. 

Corning Gorilla Victus: A Short Summary

The twin pillar mobile protection glass is now within the grasp. It is a diamond tough glass that has a little brittle and sapphire portions in it. The main thing is that it has two-meter drop protection as well as the dump insurance on hard and rough surfaces. In addition to that, it also has a blemish insurgency. 

The ‘Victus’ Protection Supremacy

In previous times, most of the gorilla glasses can take the scratch up to 2 to 4 Newtons. But, the Victus can hold up to 7 to 10 Newtons. A superb improvement right? Experts say that with the 25% of extra improvement over the previous glasses, the impact resistance is now much better. There is no extra cost charged for this. Corning’s manufacturing hasn’t changed yet. 

All the smartphone manufacturers are now eager to produce a smartphone that is very much light in weight. Therefore, Corning has designed the glass light-weight. Representatives of Corning say that they are looking forward to making the 6th level Victus glass much thinner. All the reviewers and the other tech people are looking forward to the final shape of the glass. 

Now, coming to the details of the drop, the Victus can hold the display of the phone undamaged up to 15 drops on an average basis. But, the height must be from 1 meter to 2 meters as well. The scratch resistance technology of Victus solely depends on power and pressure. Of course, one has to understand that Victus is not bulletproof, but then it can easily resist coin, dirt, sand, metal, and other material scratches. 

Introducing Corning Gorilla Victus 

In the upcoming months, Samsung will be the first mobile giant to introduce Victus in its flagship smartphones. By following the industry standards, there are also other multiple OEMs that are already at work with the Victus for their flagship phones. Rumours are there which are like Apple might adopt this glass for their upcoming iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch as well. Recommends iPhone Repair Service.

Victus for People

Corning has made Victus in a critical and constructive way. It is specially designed in such a way that people who drop their phones accidentally, will not face any problem with that. As the display is the main part of the phone, it will give the ultimate protection all the time.