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UX Mistakes Made by Mobile App Developers

To add more product value, a mobile app is essential to deliver your products in a more effective way. The mobile app market is a competitive market and needs enough input to get your customers attention. Apart from getting the customer’s attention, it is important to retain your customers as well.

The basic problem is that the apps which are important for the customers and have enough potentiality, do not get success in the market. The reason is that these apps are constructed with poor UX  that is not convenient for the user.

A good quality UX determines whether it is a good or bad app. If a mobile app interface has issues or shortcomings then it is difficult to gain users. Making changes in mobile app design is not easy. But if you know the reason for mistakes then it will be easier to prevent this issue. 

Here you will get a list of the US that is common and typical.

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Design a good User Experience is important as it helps the user to experience every part of a product and service. If developers make any mistakes in mobile app design, the user will not enjoy a pleasant experience and get satisfaction from the product. The below-mentioned list will give the information about the mistakes that users notice while using a mobile app interface.

1. Proper Architecture

As proper planning is important to build a house, similarly a proper design is essential for making a good quality UX. Sometimes to fulfill customer’s demand a designer has to re-change mobile app interface.

In this case, you erase and redraw code, again and again, to get the logic of the app into account. This will help you to look on to the user’s route within the app and modify the interaction scheme in a better way.

2. Complicated Interface

Murphy’s Law for mobile apps stated: “ Everything that users can misunderstand, they will misunderstand.”

This is a fact, a designer will understand a fault in a much better way than a normal person. That is why developers should use familiar symbols in the interface that is understandable and will not create any confusion.

For instance, Green indicates -“Yes”. “Forward” or “allowed”  and Red implies- “no”, “Stop” or “prohibited” and “+” icon asks you to “add” something.

But do not use such symbols that are easily apprehensible or indicates two different meanings.

3. Lack of Firmness

Use of various fonts and color schemes in one style is a common mistake that is done by  web developers. Rather than re-creating the wheel, it is better to stick to one style. It will be easier to understand the motive of the other components, present in other places of the app.

4. Poor Onboarding

Every mobile app has an onboarding sequence that appears on screens when a user uses the app for the first time. It provides a related signal on the interface. The first impression is essential. Because it determines whether a user will further use the app or not.

But most of the developers ignore this method while designing a mobile app interface. This is the main reason that users experience many mistakes. Every interface should be clear and described properly so that the user can follow them step by step.

5. Dreadful Notification

Use of more notification is irritating. If the user gets the same message again and again, they get annoyed. So it is better not to use excessive notification for any device. You can hardly notice that a user wants to know that they can buy three new characters in your game.

6. Excessive Design

Using a new style and creativity is important. But seldom designers add various colors, scheme, and symbols that make the app terrible. There is a famous quote-” A good design is visible right away, an excellent design is invisible.”

Most of the time, developers and designers forget their goal and distract the users. To make a user-friendly app, it is important to use simple steps. More designer will show creativity, more user will be lost and disappointed.

7. No Built-In Search

When an app has too many files and content, there is a possibility that the user might get puzzled. That is why, a search bar is important. A search bar makes the user’s life easier and simple and even make the impression of some flaws smooth in the general UX.

8. Incapability To Prioritize

While designing any element, developers should recognize the important components for users but seldom designers forget that and create a mess with the information. Any element needs visual effect because that provides maximum details of that particular element. So, designers should shape an interface in such a way that makes interaction convenient for the users.

Final Words

Mistakes are normal. As a human being, we all make mistakes. Every invention needs testing and analytical work and that helps us to get better results. if you want to make good mobile app interface or establish effective mobile app design, then you have to depend on the data created by user behavior, only then you will be able to figure out and repair the shortcomings.