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New Tech: Machine Learning Technology for Mobile Apps

Among the top buzzwords that we’re hearing in 2019, Machine Learning technology is one of the foremost. 

Why not? 

This technology along with all the applications it has is disrupting so many industries, shaking the very foundations of it. 

Thus, special attention to this is definitely in order and that’s exactly what we’re going to be discussing here. 

Also, when talking of Machine Learning app development there are a lot of different things to discuss. 

About Machine Learning Technology Itself 

This is the technological framework, through which research scientists are modeling the AI. And there are a lot of different versions of this as well. 

That solely depends on the objective of the operation that we’re trying to run. 

Now, you might be tempted to think that learning for machines is exactly going to be like that for us. 

Even if that idea isn’t wrong in any way, it just paints a picture of this with minimum details. Basically incomplete. 

To make things more simple, consider how computer programs work and where their limitations are. They’re going to do the job that we’ve coded them for just fine, but when there’s a change of variables. The computer programs buckles and show errors. 

This is the problem that scientists are trying to solve with the development of AI. Where if the program we’re working with comes across certain obstacles. 

The learning part is going to kick in, and the program is going to find its way through or around the problem. And with the protocols and information available, that’s going to help with future tasks as well. 

And that’s more or less the gist of it. 

Top 4 Applications: Machine Learning for Mobile Apps Today 

A Machine Learning mobile app can be a really interesting thing. Especially because of the fact that we haven’t had sophisticated applications of such caliber ever before. 

Machine learning is pushing the limits of what you might expect from the mobile phone applications. And this technology is just getting better and better with every passing year. 

Here, I’ll be listing 4 of the most useful and exciting apps that apply Machine Learning technology. And thus can help you in more significant ways than before. 

1. Better Finances with Oval Money 

Let’s put it like this. 

Maintaining impeccable financial discipline can be really challenging at times. Especially for young people and all their impulsiveness. 

But how about a system that can take a look into your case, and give you really specific solutions? 

That’s exactly what Oval Money is going to do for you, applying machine learning. It can be your personal finance advisor, guiding you and thus helping you reach your financial goals. 

2. Find your Way Better with Google Maps 

These apps that I’m talking about have been around for sometime now. And as such, they’ve collected a significant pool of data. 

It’s all coming into play with the technology of machine learning at their disposal. A great example of which is Google Maps

Just finding your way across town was one great thing, but now you’re going to have more. 

With the application of machine learning, Google has done a fantastic job of making Google Maps more capable and effective. 

You can now find out information with every little detail possible. Like traffic conditions in different parts of the city, availability of parking spaces, gas stations, diners and all that jazz. 

3. Fun Stuff with Emojis from Dango 

I really like the idea of emojis, as ever since this had come about. Text messaging and social media posting have been that much expressive. 

But then there was the issue of an overflooding of emojis, making things a lot more confusing for us. 

Do you know what every other emoji means even, barring the most common ones? 

I don’t, and surely don’t want to miscommunicate with my friends just out of confusion. But luckily with Dango, and the machine learning that it puts to use. Choosing the right emoji for the mood is going to be a lot simpler. 

Integrate this app into the messaging app that you’re using, and you’re good to go. This will directly help you make better emoji choices for your messaging. 

4. Netflix for Top-notch Entertainment 

Netflix is a prime example of what I’m talking about. In matters applying of machine learning in the realm of mobile phone applications. This one is doing the best as of now. 

With the usual protocol of collecting data and making deductions, this app makes the best movie suggestions. 

Just like a friend whom you’d ask for a movie recommendation. Netflix is doing the exact same thing, presenting multiple cool tv show suggestions to you on a platter. 

Besides the fact that Netflix has already got an amazing line up of tv shows for you to pick from. That entire process is going to be a lot easier for you. 

So what’d be the end result? 

You’d be getting to watch exactly the shows that you’d like right away. All thanks to this brilliant technology called machine learning. 

And Finally.. 

You’d be able to enjoy a lot of cool features and services with Machine Learning technology

Not only that, if you’re a technical expert in this field and want to put out some cool service with this. Creating a brand new enterprise in the process and deliver new products and services. 

Then this is the perfect time for that, where you’d be dealing with this technology in its various forms. So the more familiar with it you are, no matter who you are and what you do. The better will it be for you, and your vocation.