‘Linked Devices’ Feature in WhatsApp: Know when You can use it

‘Linked Devices’ Feature in WhatsApp

The latest beta version of WhatsApp is out for now. It is that brings an exclusive and anticipated feature for all Android smartphones. Rumours are looming here and there that this new version will help all the users to create a user interface for multiple devices. The highly expected feature is “Linked Devices”. 

As the current version is in the formation of beta, so the users will not be able to get it. Once the full version gets complete, then another update will take place. After finishing the update successfully, this feature will then get to the public, all over the world. 

A Short Overview of “Linked Devices”

The Linked Devices is the feature that is due and upcoming on WhatsApp. With the help of this facility, people can jump into another device without logging out from the previous device. According to some analysis done by technical experts, the new update of WhatsApp will allow users to log in to four devices at a time. 

When is the “Linked Devices” feature coming?

This excellent and innovative feature is now in development mode. So, all the users will have to hold their patience and wait. After that, it will turn on to testing mode. Thinking of the user’s usage probability, they have launched a beta version of WhatsApp with the same feature. 

Several reports are also saying that, if the response from the beta version is good, then the host will launch the new version. If the development, testing, and user response doesn’t turn into a positive direction, then people have to stay happy with the previous version. 

How to use the “Linked Devices” feature?

With the help of the beta version, people can open their single WhatsApp on multiple devices. Just open any browser from the computer and download the desktop version. After that, from the mobile, open the application and scan the QR code using the web QR code scanner. This will help anyone to open WhatsApp on any computer and other devices.