Everything You Need to Know About iOS crippling Error 53

The most annoying issue is an error code issue, that is tough to fix. Developed by Apple Inc. the iPhones are prone to the error codes. Not just the iPhones but most of the iOS devices are encountering a major trouble with an error code which is becoming hard to fix. This issue is worsening the condition of the device and not allowing the users to use their gadgets properly. Therefore if you are an iOS user and facing trouble using your device due to an ‘Error 53’ code you can avail assistance from Apple Support UAE.

Basically ‘Error 53’ is responsible for immobilizing your Apple device. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of iOS devices. Unnecessarily this Error Code is bricking the user’s gadgets without any caution from before. The most terrible thing about this issue is, it is extremely hard to resolve it.

Therefore, because of Error 53, the iOS devices are lagging behind in the market. Irrespective of the fact that iPhones fall under the best category of phones these issues are putting a negative impact on the customer’s mind. iPhones are heavy budget phones, therefore, the product should be worth the money that’s what users expect. When the product quality goes below the user’s expectations it fails to promote widely. Read this article further to know more about this error code.

iOS Error 53

Error 53 – A paralyzing bug

Error 53 completely paralyzes your device hence it labeled as a paralyzing bug. This issue mainly arises when users try to resolve it themselves or have availed the assistance of unskilled experts to fix it. When the users or the unskilled experts try to upgrade the iOs in order to fix it the gadget or the device automatically locks or shuts down.

According to the Apple Inc. Error 53 is a security ingredient that maintains the privacy of the users personal or private information but the users’ aren’t persuaded. The most important thing about Error 53 is that has troubled many iPhone owners and not just the ones who have replaced or repaired their Touch Id. Experts are still clueless regarding the source of such issue.

Know More About ‘Error 53’

Error 53 is an irreparable error code. This error code appears when users are trying to restore their iPhones using iTunes that consists of an unknown or abrupt Touch ID module. The error message is extremely cryptic and can damage the device to a huge extent if not fixed at the proper time.

Devices that are prone to Error 53

Mainly iPhone 6 and 6 plus are prone towards Error 53 but in many cases, even 6s and 6s plus are exposed towards Error 53. The reason that these models are prone towards Error 53 is that these models are designed with cables that are not similar to the old models. Therefore iPhone 5 is not afflicted by Error 53 since it is an older version regardless of the fact that it has a Touch ID as well.

Know the Cause of the Error

Basically, Apple claims that this Error 53 is an inbuilt protocol which prevents the device to accept unauthorized fingerprints and also protects the device from the installation of malicious Touch ID sensors.

Since this inbuilt protocol causes malfunctioning of your device when there is any replacement of hardware or if iOS is being updated with the assistance of unskilled professionals contact Apple Service Center UAE for professional service.

Additional Sources of Error 53, other than Touch ID

It is observed that Touch ID Sensor is not the only cause for Error 53. There are many other sources of Error 53. Hardware can be a major source that triggers Error 53. It is seen that the devices whose screens were repaired by some unskilled technicians have experienced Error 53 issue.

Many skilled technicians have said that Touch ID can never be the only reason for Error 53 to show up. Even iPads with Touch ID are vulnerable too. Much iPad Air screen that was repaired functioned properly until Apple launched iOS 9. As soon as it was updated they stopped functioning properly and got bricked.

Are there any assured reasons for such issues to occur?

Everyone is confused and not sure about the fact that’s why this error code showing up. But two probable causes were mentioned by some experts. It is a huge blunder- Apple hardware verification process contains a bug that gives rise to Error 53. When the device is powered on and it starts functioning a built-in hardware scrutinizes and certifies that whether the hardware is authentic or not. Also, it checks if the hardware is functioning properly.

To prevent the counterfeit LCD’s to surround the market- The market is filled with counterfeits mostly LCD’s, therefore, it is a measure taken by Apple company to avoid the counterfeits from filling the market. But there is no specific proof to it.

How to fix Error 53 – Are there any chances of resolving?

Error 53 can be resolved. But it is very tough to resolve the issue of Error 53. Only highly specialized technicians can deal with such issues. Therefore do not repair your device from any unskilled technicians or avail the assistance of unskilled technicians to fix it. You can avail the services of Apple Customer Care UAE in order to get an authentic and expert service.

Use authentic parts in your device to resolve it and do not update your phone with the help of improper technicians. You require an authentic service in order to resolve this issue, therefore, you can connect to Apple Customer Service UAE for efficient service.

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