javascript languages

8 Awesome JavaScript Languages To Make Your Coding Easier!

Need to program on JavaScript, but stuck with its limitations? Let’s face the fact! You can use JavaScript Languages for almost every task. And when it comes to giant applications, this language may fall short.

To improve the situation, several compiled JavaScript languages have been created. They make your coding work easier, without thinking about the obstacles of JavaScript.

javascript languages

Why Is JavaScript So Misunderstood?

Most of you think that “JavaScript is a broken language”. But let’s cover some of the actual facts of JavaScript:

  • Automatic semicolon insertion is the weirdest feature in it.
  • Due to the syntactical slip-ups, JavaScript code tends to fail.
  • JavaScript Languages do not have an integer type!
  • Its high dependence on implied global variables can literally complicate your life.

And there are many more problems that can seriously harass your programming. Thankfully, JavaScript mini-languages have taken the pain out of programming in JavaScript.

A Few JavaScript Languages Came As Angels To JavaScript…

CoffeeScript 1.7.1

To simplify JavaScript’s syntax, Jeremy Ashkenas’ CoffeeScript was one of the first attempts. It has borrowed ideas from resources like Python, Ruby, and etc.

CoffeeScript 1.7.1

Here you find a special “literate mode” for detailed notation of the code. In Case, you want to get back to JavaScript, you do that simply by placing the JavaScript code with backticks bracketing.

TypeScript 1.0.1

The TypeScript was basically designed to add some new features in JavaScript, like- classes, modules, interfaces and an arrow syntax for undesignated features.

TypeScript 1.0.1

Its main key feature is the optional static typing system, that makes TypeScript works with the language-analysis tool. It is an open source project introduced by Microsoft, under the Apache 2.0 license.

IcedCoffeeScript 1.7.0-a

This works as a one-for-one substitute for CoffeeScript. It has awesome features to handle asynchronous features of CoffeeScript.

IcedCoffeeScript 1.7.0-a

It is a major time-saver for you if you use these mechanisms. ICS is a bit less straightforward than CoffeeScript to a naked eye.

GorillaScript 0.9.7

The GorillaScript is the most feature-stuffed language in this whole circuit clout. It adds generic, optional typing, macros, iterators, constants and new logical functions to JavaScript.

But unfortunately, it’s under the standard MIT license and can be used frequently.

Kaffeine 0.1.6

To make programming in language a little less ornery, the Kaffeine extends the Java syntax. Just like every other language, it lets you use JavaScript along with the unique features of Kaffeine.

And congratulations! You can use the postfix operators to designate asynchronous operations.

Dart 1.4.2

Dart is Google’s language aimed at either by compiling to JavaScript or by running natively in its own VM.

This compiled language offers such appealing features, as optional typing, external libraries, and classes. If you are a newbie diving into the JavaScript languages, you can try out this one.


You can simply make a complete site just by Elm. It is a purely functional coding language, that compiles to JS, HTML, and CSS.

The major plus point is its built-in-architecture that makes you forget about data-flow and concentrate on data declaration and logic.


Minimalism is the strong point for PureScript. It doesn’t include any libraries for functionality. Here you are free to choose the implementation of the feature you need. Similar to other languages, PureScript has its own built-in feature called Pulp.


It has the ability to make clear and readable code while maintaining compatibility with JavaScript.

Sinking Under So Many JavaScript Languages?

You must be thinking how you will be able to cover all these languages within such a short time! So let me scare you a little more! There are actually many more JavaScript languages that I did not mention here.

Scared enough? No, you don’t have to be. You can simply choose some of your required languages and specialize in them. Or simply why not specializing in one particular language? That will be helpful too.

If you have found this whole article interesting or attractive, or if you need any further information, feel free to connect with me through the common section. You will get all the relevant answers to your queries.