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Always Ready to Plan Before Developing a Mobile App

Are you a budding mobile app developer looking to put together the next Instagram, or something of that sort? 

Then the best place to start is with the basics, so that no matter what happens. You’ll be able to manage all of the issues that are going to come up later. 

As believe it or not, with technologies like this, technical glitches are bound to occur, sooner or later. Something that you can’t afford to let linger around for an extended period of time. 

With mobile phone applications, there’s always going to be business involved. Doesn’t matter at what scale it might be. 

If you have a set blueprint a guideline, then developing a mobile app. And then managing it in the matters of security and performance is going to be a lot easier. 

After going through this article, you’re going to have all of that, with which you’d be able to develop these. 

Stepwise Guide: Up and Coming Mobile App Developer 

The entire gig of creating a mobile phone application isn’t the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of different skills, both in terms of practice and theory. Add to that all the coding, testing, debugging and all this technical stuff. 

Then there’s the business side of it, where you can go 3 different ways. 

  • Sell your app to a tech company. 
  • Get the services of a marketing agency and go to business with it. 
  • Do all the things yourself. 

But, no matter which one among these three that you choose to go for. If you have a set guideline, then things will be a lot simpler for you to handle. 

So, here are the 8 precise steps that you’re going to need for this. 

1. Analyse the Market First 

You’ll have to know what it is that you’re getting into in this matter, just like for any other endeavor. 

As if you’ve spent all your time for developing the best mobile app that you can. And after that, you put it out there for people to download and use. 

But while doing that, you find that something like that is already there, in some cases even better. Then all your hard work would be for nothing. 

So, research your market first. 

2. Clearly Define the User Persona 

If you’ve got a clear idea as to who will be using your app, in terms of demographics and preferences. 

It is going to be a lot easier for you to be efficient in the matter of creating the app. 

As you’re going to know what you’ll have to put in there positively, and what you must avoid. 

3. Have a USP 

There are millions and millions of apps that are available for both iOS and Android platforms. 

So why’s your app so special? 

The answer for that is going to be the unique selling proposition that your app has. That’s going to be the reason why people are going to consider paying for and downloading your app. 

4. Decide on the Business Model 

If you’re into this for the long term, then monetizing the app is going to be really important. 

Because maintaining the app is going to require capital, be it in the form of attention or finance. And that is why you’re going to have to make money with your app. 

It can be anything from the freemium model, to paid apps. And with increasing popularity, you can go for ads as well. 

5. Focus on a Single Platform 

Being a master in one quality is going to be more profitable than the ‘jack of all trades’ way. 

That applies to both the service from your app, and the approach you take for creating that. If you’re not developing the app yourself, then hire a specialist mobile app developer

It’s going to get you better results than any other way. 

6. Compose an Enticing Description 

The small paragraph in the download page in the app stores matter a lot more than you might think. 

If you can take some time and create one that’s going to be catchy, as well as informative. As to what the app can do and help the user that way. Believe you me, you’re going to get more downloads than anyway otherwise. 

So make sure to do this well, if you want your app to do well. 

7. Tailor a Good Marketing Strategy 

Marketing is going to be important no matter what your endeavor is. Here it’s going to be for the mobile app you’ve created. 

This ties into the business model for the app that you’re going to have to set. You’ll have to market it properly for making money and having it stick. 

So, a good portion of your time should go for this. 

8. Test as Much as You Can Before Launching

You’ll have to make sure that the app you’re going to put out there must work properly. 

For that, you’ll have to rigorously test this app before you launch it for the App stores. That way, as people download your app, they will be able to use it without any hiccups. 

This isn’t going to be the easiest thing to do, but will be a worthwhile investment of your time. 


As a mobile app developer you’re going to face lots and lots of challenges with the whole gamut. 

If there’s one thing that you can develop for enjoying prime competitive advantage. That’s going to be patience. 

Because, there are a lot of so-called moving parts to mobile phone applications. And they’re going to require constant attention from your part.