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6 Coding Games To Take Your Skills To The Next Level

Knowing your way with programming languages is definitely a huge advantage in the modern world. So if you are a beginner learning new languages, you must consider these easy to play Coding Games.

Today our lives are entwined with technology in every step and a knowledge about coding definitely gives you an edge. 

Besides being fun, these games enhance your skills, thereby helping you to learn faster. What if you can merge fun and work?

Check Out This List of Underrated Yet Powerful Coding Game

Flexbox Froggy

Have the Endless list of codes bored you already? All hail Flexbox Froggy!!

Coding Games

Not only does it incorporate basic codes of CSS but also helps you with alignments. It is mainly due to its simple interface. Don’t slack, help Froggy and his friends on the quest now!


CodeCombat is a pretty fun and useful coding game. How is it useful?

First of all, it helps you enhance and learn multiple languages like Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript. Secondly, you will also be well-versed with the game developing language Lua.

code combat

Initially, the game will guide you through tutorials to help you get familiar with the things you have to do. Help your Hero achieve his goal with your coding talents.

Ruby Warrior

New to learning Ruby? Try Ruby Warrior the game.

Ruby Warrior

It is definitely a great coding game to speed up the process of learning the language. Also, being an online game with just a basic editor to type in your codes Ruby Warrior is definitely a game not to miss out.

Code Hunt

Code Hunt is a different sort of thing altogether. It is both a game and learning platform at the same time. Not only does it make your skills better but also helps in learning new things.

Identify fragments of code and also modify them when needed. You can learn both JAVA and C++ while playing Code Hunt.

code hunt

Code Wars

Code Wars is an advanced fun coding game. The game helps you develop your coding skills faster by putting it to test against real players from around the world.

It’s a fact that you are only as good as your competition. So, Code Wars helps you connect with them and take up newer challenges.

code wars game

Also, Code Wars allows you to develop your skills for multiple languages like JavaScript, Swift, Python, Ruby and also Haskell.

Elevator Saga

Want to enhance your JavaScript knowledge? Then you should consider playing Elevator Saga – the game.

As the name suggests, you need to work with codes to transport people to the in-game elevator. The motive of the game is to develop your JavaScript coding skills in a fun and happening way.

elevator saga

Play Coding Games to learn Programming Faster

The older generation often tells you to stay away from playing games and dedicate your time to developing your skills. Well, that’s in the past now with the availability of these games. Programming is hard.

There’s not an ounce of doubt in that. But, these Coding Games can help you learn programming in a fun manner. So get started with any of these games to fast track your learning process today.