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4 Most Useful Coding Games to Get your Hands Used to With Coding

What is the first term that comes to your mind about coding? Is it Boredom? Or is it Complicated? What if I tell you that coding is fun? What if learning to code has nothing to do with complexities? Well, welcome the generation of coding game. 

Coding games not only influence the beginners but also help the kids who have a knack for technology. Books help you learn.

A Coding Game will help you learn practically and implement that too. I think that is even more beneficial.

Now, getting your hands on the right coding game is a matter of concern here. I have crafted my list of 4 Coding games that will benefit kids, beginners and even the professional programmers.

Check Out The List Of My Favorite Coding Game


CodeMonkey is fun. Who knew catching bananas can contribute to technology! In this coding game, your kid can get hold of bananas thereby, learning to code. Unbelievable, right?

coding game

CodeMonkey uses the CoffeeScript language for coding. The coding game is aimed at kids but it can be useful and funny if you are in the beginners’ stage.

Here take a look at the Pros and Cons of CodeMonkey


CodeMonkey has too many things which really add to your advantages. For instance,

  • It gives the opportunity to practice coding with a real programming language CoffeeScript
  • No offensive content to be found on the site or in the puzzles
  • CodeMonkey comes with 100 challenging levels which makes this a great tool for fledgling programmers

With the paid classroom or school version, teachers can track students’ progress and guide them accordingly.


Take a look at the following that can make CodeMonkey a much better platform…

  1. A better hint system or more helpful debug messages
  2. Tougher challenges for the professionals too


CodeMonkey is for the beginners or rather the kids. What about the professionals who need to master their skills more often? Codewars is for them. Besides various lessons, there different challenges and assignments for you.

code wars gaming appCheck out the pros and cons of Codewars.


  • Covers most of the major parts of programming
  • It supports multi-language. You can complete code challenges in 12 different languages
  • Codewars is free to use(yay!!)


  • Strictly for professionals
  • The topics are very limited


Untrusted is also one of the most advanced coding games which test your JavaScript skills to solve problems. There is a character named Dr. Eval in this game.

You have to guide him through a machine and change his reality to move between levels. It’s a good coding game to master complex JavaScript skills.

Untrusted Gaming App

Elevator Saga

Elevator Saga is a challenging coding game to test your JavaScript knowledge. In the game, you need to move an elevator and transport people efficiently. The first challenge asks you to transport 15 people in 60 seconds or less.

elevator saga the elevator programming game

Wrap Up

Gaming is a medium that encourages interaction and discovery. Similarly, games help the students retain knowledge, concentrate and perform at a higher level of achievement.

Hope the article helped you in finding the best coding game from the long list of coding games. Let me know if I missed out on an important game.