Choose the Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai for 2021

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There are many advantages of approaching a team of experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai. A team of professional criminal lawyers in Dubai will carefully analyze and examine your case thoroughly before presenting your case to the court. The successful outcome of your case depends upon how good the team of lawyers working on your case is. Also, the court gets confidence in the team of lawyers after the successful presentation of your case.

The criminal lawyers in Dubai specialize in different types of criminal cases. They handle various crimes such as drug offences, rape, theft, murder, sex crimes, murder, armed robbery, child abuse, etc. In order to find quality criminal lawyers in Dubai, you need to do some research work. You can start by contacting a lawyer through the local phone book or a leading legal website. Most reputed legal websites have complete details about the most sought after criminal lawyers in Dubai.

Crimes such as drug offences, asset tracing, embezzlement, money laundering, sexual offences, and other financial crimes are very common in UAE. The legal system in Dubai is based on Islamic law, which is also known as Arabic Law. People in Dubai, when accused of a crime, do not try to deny their guilt. Instead, they admit their guilt and enter a plea of ‘guilty’ before the court. If the court believes them, then they get a permanent jail sentence along with heavy penalties such as lashes on their neck and the like.

Drug offences and other criminal activities in the emirates have increased during the past few years. Drug trafficking is very high in the UAE. However, many drug-related cases are solved even without charging any person. The judges often give a lighter punishment to dealers of hard drugs. Drug crimes and trafficking are very common in the UAE and the people involved in such cases face the maximum penalties provided by the law.

Embezzlement of funds is a very common crime in the emirates. There are several cases of embezzlement in Dubai with well-established lawyers. However, cases regarding some less established but still dishonest individuals, are often hard to prove. Such cases of embezzlement often result in lighter punishments for the criminals.

Criminal lawyers in Dubai assist their clients who are accused of a number of crimes, including murder, drug offences, rape, theft, sexual offences, domestic violence and other crimes. They try to defend their clients from all charges and reduce their prison sentences as much as possible. The Dubai regime considers drug use and consumption to be an addiction and thus treats those found guilty of drug offences, including consumption and trafficking, very harshly.

Drug offences and other crimes are treated very seriously in the UAE. If you are charged with any of these types of offences then it is advisable to consult a good and reputed drug crime lawyer in Dubai immediately. It is always advisable to hire a good law firm instead of an individual lawyer. A good law firm will have expert and knowledgeable staff that can aid you throughout the case procedure. They will also make sure that your rights are protected during the investigation and proceedings. A good law firm will fight for your rights and help you obtain the best possible sentence.

There are several other categories of crimes that are not dealt with so lightly in the UAE. People who take part in activities that may put others at risk or are engaged in terrorism, piracy, human trafficking and certain forms of armed robbery may face harsh punishment. There are several violent crimes that carry the execution penalty and those that carry capital punishment. In order to protect residents of Dubai from these types of criminal elements, the police and judicial system in Dubai do provide special mechanisms like the “DPRK” system that allows relatives of a deceased individual to file lawsuits against his or her estate if any member of the family was involved in any of these violent crimes.