Stuff that Bugs Me

For some reason, despite the fact that it’s the Christmas season, I’m feeling a bit grumpy. I don’t know why, but stuff has really been bugging me lately. So naturally, I have to fire up the word processor and list them!

  1. People who try to tell you that C# is better than Delphi. Now that Delphi 2005 is out, with its new language features, Delphi can easily hold it’s own against C#, and actually surpasses it in lots of ways.

  2. People who come on the newsgroups and act like TeamB “runs off” people who criticize Borland. This is silly. TeamB might disagree with your criticism but we don’t “run off” anybody.

  3. The use of “with” statements. That really bugs me.

  4. People who think that Borland has gone out of business

  5. The really bad support for streams in the FCL. There are no methods on the Stream class to copy from one stream to another, for crying out loud. Dealing with streams in .Net is just a pain in the ass when compared with the ease of using them in the VCL.

  6. Mail-in rebates for computer items. These things are a pain in the rear, and you invariably miss some key instruction and thus don’t get the rebate. I hate that.

  7. People who think that we are “forced” to buy stuff. There are actually people in the world who think that Microsoft forces them to buy Windows. Here’s a fact: it is against the law for /any/ company to force you to buy /anything/. Unless you live in some crazed totalitarian dictator ship, you don’t have to buy anything that you don’t want to buy.

  8. While we’re at it, people who think that Microsoft is some sort of dictatorial, evil empire bug me. All Microsoft can do is offer things for sale. They can’t and don’t do anything more than that. See #7 above for the response that virtually everyone in the world can have to Microsoft’s offer. The notion that Microsoft is some sort of governmental entity that controls people’s actions and dictates what people have to do is silly.

  9. I hate cryptic and semi-cryptic variable names like ‘lSt’ and ‘buf’. Jeez, work your fingers a little bit and use “Buffer”. And while you are at it, use capital letters in your variable names.

  10. People who type in all the same case, whether it be upper or lower. We have upper and lower case for a reason, people.

  11. Case-sensitive programming languages bug me. (Case is really bugging me today, eh?) It bugs me when people declare variable with the same name as their type, but different case.

  12. Code that tries to do three things in one line. Break out that code into multiple lines. It’s easier to read, and you’ll thank yourself when you go back and try to read it six months later.

  13. The fact that in .Net, the getters and setters for a property have to be in the same visibility as the property bugs me. I understand why, but it still bugs me. It also bugs me that they have to be prefaced by case-sensitive(!) prefixes.

  14. Okay, C# bugs me. It bugs me that all these C# dudes out there think properties and “partial classes” and all the other stuff Delphi has been doing for years is so new and cool. It bugs me that we’ve been doing object-oriented programming for fifteen years, and now tons of VB guys are doing C# and now think true object-oriented programming actually is cool now. It bugs me that C# programmers think that theirs it the “definitive” language against which all other languages should be measured.

And the really scary thing is that I quit there. I could have kept going. 😉

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